The Value of Online News: Why online coverage is a key component to any successful media relations program

As a society, we’re becoming more digital. We now have smart apps that can monitor our health 24/7, and sensor devices that can detect everything from remote forest fires to available parking spaces in urban jungles. It’s also increasingly how we receive our news. According to Pew Research's State of the News Media 2014: “The vast majority of Americans now get news in some digital format. In 2013, 82% of Americans said they got news on a desktop or laptop and 54% said they got news on a mobile device.”

Still, the placement of news stories in online media seems generally underappreciated by companies evaluating public relations programs and the relative merits of media “hits.” For a number of reasons, including the statistics cited above, companies should embrace Web-based opportunities, rather than discount them. Indeed, here are several arguments in support of online news placements as part of a comprehensive media relations strategy that complements and accentuates those already targeting traditional print and broadcast media:

You’ll find a connected audience:
Readers of online news often read publications that directly suit their professional and personal interests. And they actively find articles and stories through search engines, RSS feeds, and news aggregation platforms while seeking out specific topics. This means news coverage in online publications will likely bring your company an engaged and knowledgeable audience.

Social media can spread your message like wildfire:
Unlike other news formats, online stories aren’t static. Your company’s message can exponentially reach more readers and remain relevant longer if it resonates with readers who share it through Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and other social networks. Also, many popular blogs writing on similar topics may cite and link to your story, providing further traction.  

Online news enables an immediate call to action:
Another important benefit of online news coverage is the immediacy and convenience it allows for readers to learn more about your company and its products and services. While enhancing your company’s reputation and giving it credibility, online news coverage can also bring direct marketing benefits, as most stories include hyperlinks to company sites or products. In such cases, new customers, clients, or partners may be only a click away.

Coverage with a lasting impact: The news cycle of online publications continues well after a story is first published. Previously published articles may be referenced and linked to for the life span of the news site. What’s more, many online trade publications include archived pages with search features that enable readers to find the historical record for that publication’s coverage of individual companies.  

Graham and Associates understands the value of online news coverage. We work hard to get strategic placements for our clients. To learn about how our media relations programs earn valuable coverage both online and off, see

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