The Importance of Being Visual – Pinterest and Instagram


While Facebook and Twitter are the two primary social media outlets, companies can also benefit from visual outlets such as Pinterest and Instagram. Pinterest and Instagram are terrific ways to share photos and are powerful tools to promote products, services, advocacy campaigns and businesses by inviting conversations via images.


With the right approach, companies can leverage these two sites to reach more customers. If branding is the main objective, Pinterest is an excellent choice. If your goal is to initiate conversations with individuals, Instagram is a better option. Some companies use both, but how do you know if one (or both) are right for your business?


With Instagram, users take a picture, apply filters and share it with family, friends or colleagues through the application directly or via other social media platforms. More brands and businesses are choosing this service to share visual content with customers and potential customers because the photo streams capture the character and experience of a business – beyond typical stock photos. Because it doesn’t have an official desktop site, Instagram focuses on mobile-centric users wanting to capture and share images in the moment, stimulating further engagement by passing these images on through other social media channels.


On the contrary, Pinterest is a computer-centric social media platform that lends itself effectively to marketing brands because it is highly interactive. Pinterest uses a virtual pinboard with ample space to “pin” pictures and share content across users who share similar interests.  As an example, a resort can pin visual content of the hotel, grounds, restaurant food, amenities and past events to draw more picture views and stimulate interest in its services. Pinterest encourages group usage and sharing of content, so other members can “repin” photos on Pinterest or from articles with hotel reviews, expanding brand awareness across Pinterest’s many users.


Marketers should consider using Instagram & Pinterest. At Graham & Associates, we can help you decide which visual social media platform will work best for your business. Please visit­­­  

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